Hidden Pony Records & Management

Initially founded in 2007, Hidden Pony Records & Management has established itself as one of the premiere talent development labels in Canada. Originally Hidden Pony was a partnership between noted A&R Executive “Parkside” Mike Renaud and his legendary mentor Donald Tarlton (aka Donald K Donald). In 2019, Slaight Music replaced Mr Tarlton as minority partner in Hidden Pony Records & Management.

The company name is from an old joke about two kids, one always pessimistic and the other always optimistic. A psychologist takes each to a room. The pessimist’s room is stacked to the ceiling with brand new toys. The optimist’s room is equally filled with horse manure. The pessimist child is in tears and won't touch any of the toys, afraid of breaking one. The optimistic child happily wades into the manure and starts digging away. Confused, the psychologist asks what he is doing. "With all this poop," the child replies, "I figure there's got to be a pony in here somewhere!" It is in this spirit that Hidden Pony successfully built careers in the ever-changing but always challenging climate of the Canadian music industry.