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Jon charges through Dead Melodies’ title track with carefree vigour, riding the song’s adrenalized motorik rhythm toward a joyous, anthemic chorus that wields its title as a badge of stubborn defiance rather than defeat. And that liberated energy courses through an album that’s determined to break free from the aesthetic constraints of the typical singer/songwriter. (“I hate that term!”, Jon says with a laugh.) For one, Dead Melodies is a much more collaborative effort than his debut, with Jon and his producer—Wintersleep drummer Loel Campbell—corralling a guest list that includes fellow Wintersleeper Tim D’Eon and Halifax roots-rock hero Matt Mays on guitars, Chris Seligman of Stars on French horn, and Keith Doiron of Walrus on bass. But more importantly, Jon opened himself up to a more exploratory mode of songwriting that ensured no two tunes came out sounding the same.


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