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“Pray” feels like a tree grown out of a seed of house music, but its leaves are wild and varied.

Sometimes you let gravity take over a composition; you start one way but over time music evolves naturally.

At the same time, “Pray” doesn’t function in an uncomplicated fashion. It was written and recorded over many years and each new iteration added conflicting emotional layers. A menagerie of feelings. Owing as much to the overtly sincere as it does the misleading insincere.

“Pray” wants to rip out your jugular. “Pray” wants you to find eternal love. “Pray” wants you to keep searching. “Pray” wants you to find comfort in what you have. “Pray” is anti-nostalgia. “Pray” hopes you never forget. “Pray” demonizes your regrets. “Pray” wants you to long for those missed moments. “Pray” has no answers.

Just Pray.

Pray for lust.

Release date: Nov 23, 2021
Format: Digital

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