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"I wrote this song about getting sober, more specifically about the moment I decided I needed to. I definitely didn’t want to, I think sometimes that sentiment is lost… I had no other choice. Everything around me was falling apart in one way or another. Putting down the bottle for good was me surrendering. I was finally willing to wave the white flag and say “this has to stop.” I couldn’t live that way anymore, it wasn’t living, it was barely existing. I wanted to capture every emotion that comes with making the decision to get sober and of addiction in general: despair, pain, defeat, but also power and strength.

Finally being able to make the conscious choice to move on from my past was a life changing moment/decision. I finally just made the decision that I couldn’t keep numbing myself, escaping my feelings. I had to face my demons head on, it was the only way to have one last chance at happiness."

 Release date: Dec 9, 2021
Format: Digital

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