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“You know that sinking feeling? Climbing out and wanting to save the person you fell in with, but knowing your attempts will only make them sink further? You can never truly take away the parts of your life that an ex has helped shape - “Venom Denim” is about all the marks and residue left, even after you’ve broken free of a relationship. There are a lot of things that appear to be ‘love’ on the surface. ‘Love’ can fade and be replaced by the fear of being alone, comfort, codependency, lust, or even hate. You may not notice that what you're feeling isn’t ‘love’ anymore. We worked really hard to capture the energy of this song, which thrives in our live show. It is noisy, energizing, and melancholic, moving past the anxiety of the situation that inspired it.”

 Release date: May 26, 2021
Format: Digital

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