Jeremy Fisher Junior’s debut children’s album, Highway to Spell, inspires new multi-platform children’s brand

Vérité Films, the boutique production house behind Canada’s #1 comedy brand, Corner Gas, is thrilled to announce their return to children’s television with Jeremy and Tunebug. The animated children’s television, music, and multi-platform digital brand stars three-time JUNO-nominated singer-songwriter Jeremy Fisher Junior and is produced in association with Jeremy Fisher Music and Hidden Pony Records & Management. With support from the Canada Media Fund-Shaw Rocket Fund Kids Digital Animated Series Program, Jeremy and Tunebug will begin its first phase of production in Fall 2019.

Jeremy and Tunebug brings to life the whimsical characters, stories, and songs from Fisher's acclaimed debut children’s album Highway to Spell (available on Spotify and Apple Music). The series revolves around Jeremy, a story-telling singer-songwriter (voiced by Fisher), and Tunebug, his best friend and magical recording studio on wheels. Together they share their animated adventures to Destination: Imagination, where they discover how feelings and emotions inspire story and song.

Jeremy and Tunebug is designed as a multi-platform entertainment brand that includes fully-animated television half hours, digital shorts, a play-to-play-music/play-to-read-stories app, and a website where kids can interact with Jeremy, listen to his music, and learn to play music online. Parents, caregivers, and educators will have the opportunity to bring Jeremy and Tunebug to the classroom or see a live concert performance.

“Bringing Jeremy Fisher Junior’s music, stories, and characters to life in fully animated form is pure joy,” said Vérité Films President and CEO Virginia Thompson. “Having the support of the CMF-SRF Digital Animated Series Program will allow us to fully realize the creative potential of his imagination across all platforms.”

“I am thrilled to be in this partnership with the wonderful folks at Vérité Films and my amazing long-time manager “Parkside” Mike Renaud,” said Jeremy Fisher. “They have brought vision and a guiding light to my music. With the support of the CMF-SRF Digital Animated Series Program we will be able to make this vision come to life.”

“For over 15 years, Jeremy Fisher and I have shared an incredible journey as partners and brothers in the music industry, all while remaining fiercely independent and entrepreneurial, " said “Parkside” Mike Renaud. “When we met Virginia Thompson, Robert de Lint, and the entire Vérité Films team, we knew we had found our like-minded extended family. Their creativity and passion match our own, and we couldn’t be happier to start this new chapter as partners.”