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Rah Rah’s New Single ‘Chip Off The Heart’ from Upcoming Album, Vessels!

‘Chip Off The Heart’ is Rah Rah‘s second single off their upcoming album ‘Vessels’, to be released September 11 2015.

“Inspired from the bands visuals online. We ran with the look of the cosmos taking creative liberties and conjuring up a psychedelic world that reflects the esoteric lyrics of this break-up song. The constantly moving and forever evolving visuals take us from the vastness of space to the confines of a dense forest and back again, reminding us that we are the creators of our own reality. So in other words, enjoy the ride and don’t panic”
Dynasty Artists Picture Corp.

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Upcoming Tour Dates:
September 5th Bala Kee To Bala (with Sam Roberts Band)
September 6th Bala Kee To Bala (with Sam Roberts Band)
September 11th Toronto The Horseshoe Tavern
September 12th Hamilton Supercrawl
September 19th Fredericton Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival

Twin Within’S Debut Album, Horizontal Lines & New Single ‘Bernie’

Twin Within - Horizontal Lines cover

Hidden Pony is pleased to announce the release of Twin Within’s debut album, Horizontal Lines on July 10th. Hamilton’s duo of Steve McKay and Alex Samaras melded their musical resources to become Twin Within. The album is a subtle convergence of meticulously crafted arrangements with spontaneous single takes, expertly co-produced with string & wind arrangements by Kirk Starkey. Don’t miss them on tour this summer, with stops in Hamilton and Toronto (more to be announced) and this fall at Supercrawl in Hamilton, which was just announced on Wednesday (see below for full tour date information).

Take a listen to their first single, Bernie, which premiered on Indie Shuffle. Bernie comes from a place of discovery, with Steve McKay relaying, “Writing melodies and coming up with arrangements comes really easy to me, but writing lyrics is tough. When we were writing songs for this record, I was listening to a lot of Elton John and thinking about that whole Bernie Taupin lyricist-partner thing. It’s like it would be so much easier if somebody else would write the lyrics for me and I could just hammer out the hooks”. Describing the writing process, he continues, “We were going for a bit of a James Taylor vibe with the arrangement – it’s just an acoustic guitar, tic-tac bass, piano and floor tom. We specifically recorded this with a classical music engineer, Kirk Starkey, with the hope that he might pull a little more out of the acoustic instruments and the Church where we recorded. I think he did a pretty good job”.

Twin Within began in the springtime. Outdoors is where Steve McKay and Alex Samaras started rehearsing. Everything opens up when you play outside, so they set out to make a record with an “outdoor” sound.

Steve and Alex have strikingly similar timbre, and their voices blend seamlessly. It’s often difficult to tell them apart. Similar to how The Beach Boys were meant to sing together, Steve and Alex’s voices have a natural affinity beyond technical ability. There is a trust, and an understanding, that exists between them. They want to be surprised and challenged. Twin Within follow in the tradition of the Righteous Brothers, Walker Brothers, or Simon & Garfunkel, but there’s something uniquely current about their sound.

Steve McKay comes from a long line of drummers: uncles, grandfathers, fathers, and great-grandfathers. He has had many chances to live out his percussive destiny with the likes of Tusks, Allie X and especially as the percussive force behind Bruce Peninsula.

Alex Samaras does not stop singing. In any given week, you can hear him Tuvan throat singing with his vocal ensemble GREX, as well as singing back-up in Toronto’s favourite Motown band, The Big Sound. He has also spent time in New York City, working with contemporary arts icon Meredith Monk and her vocal ensemble to perform in-concert versions of Monk’s work through multi-disciplinary performances. Alex currently leads his own trio covering forgotten songs from Broadway.

With Twin Within, Alex’s vocals enhance the arrangements with the same depth and originality that an Owen Pallet string arrangement would. His contributions are not mere background vocals, but essential to the sound of the whole record. Make sure to follow Twin Within online for news and tour dates.

Check out their Southern Souls session for a live version of Tunnel To The Resevoir from the album.

File next to: Simon & Garfunkel, Righteous Brothers


July 4 – Hamilton, ON – Mills Hardware
July 15 – Toronto, ON – The Horseshoe
September 11-13 – Hamilton, ON – Supercrawl

*more dates to be announced soon!

Munroe Releases second single ‘Summer’ off her debut self-titled EP!

Enjoy Munroe‘s brand new track ‘Summer’ from her upcoming debut self-titled EP, to be released on May 12th!


Munroe brings us a warm, dreamy track as a perfect contrast to her last dark single,’Bloodlet.’

Watch the Exclaim! premiere of ‘Summer’ here.

Also, don’t miss her upcoming Ontario live shows!

04/22 Toronto, ON – Dakota Tavern
05/01 Hamilton, ON – I

Munroe releases second single ‘Summer’ ahead of Toronto showcase on April 22


LA-based, Hamilton-born actress and musician Kathleen Munroe is finally releasing the follow up to her debut single ‘Bloodlet’ – and the timing couldn’t be better. As Canadians gear up for warmer weather, Munroe is bringing sunny, west coast vibes to us with the sounds of “Summer.”

The arrival of Munroe’s second single comes just shy of two performances — Toronto on April 22 and Hamilton on May 1 (as part of I

Though this EP is her first solo effort, Munroe has had a strong connection to the Ontario music scene for years. Munroe features instrumentals from friends and collaborators such as Noah Fralick of Young Rival, Ben Munoz of New Hands, Julie Fader of Etiquette, Billy Holmes of Dark Mean, and Steve McKay of YerYard. Somehow, in between filming ABC’s ‘Resurrection’ and living in Los Angeles, Munroe was able to record seven original tracks with co-producer and fellow Hamiltonite Michael Keire. At local shows in Toronto at the Dakota Tavern and in Hamilton at This Ain’t Hollywood, you can witness her transition from actress to songstress for yourself. Munroe incorporates lo-fi influences like Mazzy Star, the west coast flavour of Best Coast, and haunting tones of Timber Timbre and Angel Olsen.

Aside from learning guitar basics from her father, Kathleen is generally self-taught on a variety of instruments -including piano, guitar, and ukulele. “This album was definitely a learning experience,” she explains. “We wanted to create a certain tone, there was a lot of trial and error and ultimately some restraint, opting for stripped-down versions on songs instead of adding too many layers.”

Last year she also covered Nirvana at a Kurt Cobain tribute showcase she helped organize for CMW. In terms of similarities with acting and other projects, “the common bond here is probably a fascination with storytelling and narrative,” says Kathleen, “in exploring and challenging the ways we tell and consume stories in melody and lyrics.”

Munroe will be available on iTunes May 12, tickets for both Hamilton and Toronto dates available online now.

Join the Toronto Munroe Showcase event on Facebook here.

Jeremy Fisher reels in 2015 Juno Award Nomination – Adult Alternative Album of the Year

The past year has been nothing short of sweet for beloved Canadian singer-songwriter, Jeremy Fisher. With the 2015 JUNO Awards taking place in his hometown of Hamilton, ON, it only seems fitting that with his sixth studio album The Lemon Squeeze Fisher has earned himself a JUNO Award nomination for Adult Alternative Album of the Year.

Released on May 13th, 2014, The Lemon Squeeze gave a fresh new edge to Fisher’s once folk-infused repertoire. This reinvention lead to the radio-hit single “Uh-Oh”, featuring Serena Ryder, which bolstered Fisher’s new presence in the pop world. Exploring his musicianship and pushing the limits of his reliable acoustic sound, Fisher found himself temporarily trading in his guitar for a piano during the fruition of The Lemon Squeeze; a move that has lead to this esteemed JUNO nomination.

Fisher’s JUNO nod is the sweetest lemonade that The Lemon Squeeze could have ever made – and he wants to share the sweetness with Canada’s east coast. For the first time since the album’s release, Fisher will be heading east to perform a handful of intimate shows, beginning with a show in Halifax on March 31st. With more dates to be announced, fans across the Maritimes will be impressed with the refreshing sounds Fisher continues to deliver with live performances of The (now award nominated) Lemon Squeeze.