Jon Samuel Announces Dead Melodies LP, shares title track

Jon Samuel - Dead Melodies

Wintersleep keyboardist, Jon Samuel, has announced his forthcoming solo record, Dead Melodies – slated for release on February 1, 2019 via Hidden Pony Records.

The album’s title track premiered through Substream Magazine, and is now available to stream on digital platforms across the globe. Samuel charges through Dead Melodies’ title track with carefree vigour, riding the song’s adrenalized motorik rhythm toward a joyous, anthemic chorus that wields its title as a badge of stubborn defiance rather than defeat.

“When I wrote the song, it was a couple of years after I had finished making a record that nobody listened to,” Jon explains. “I just wanted to write a song about how art and music are undervalued—it’s literally worth nothing in a lot of cases. You make a record, spend a lot of time and money on it… and then it’s basically just free. And disposable, too, because there’s just so much of it. So that was the basic idea of ‘Dead Melodies’—I’m going to put this out there, and maybe nobody hears it, and it might be worth nothing!”

Dead Melodies is a much more collaborative effort than his 2012 debut, First Transmissions, with Samuel and his producer—Wintersleep drummer Loel Campbell—corralling a guest list that includes fellow Wintersleeper Tim D’Eon and Halifax roots-rock hero Matt Mays on guitars, Chris Seligman of Stars on French horn, and Keith Doiron of Walrus on bass.  

Whether through its adventurous musical eclecticism, emboldened songwriting process, or its willingness to wade into difficult subject matter, this album is Jon’s pledge to do better—both as an artist and as a human being. And by inspiring you to do the same, Dead Melodies takes on a life of its own.

Theo Tams announces new EP ‘Call The Doctor’

Theo Tams 'Call The Doctor' EP

Get ready for a brand-new Theo Tams. The Alberta native, who at age 23 was named the winner of the 2008 season of Canadian Idol, has experienced a lot since then, and his new EP Call The Doctor is a reflection of his journey and growth. Set for release on September 28 via Hidden Pony Records / Slaight Music, the sound of the 7-song collection is sparse, emotive and pure. Taking cues from Sam Smith and Adele, the production by Montreal’s Gautier Marinof puts the focus squarely on Tams’ most powerful attribute, his voice.

The EP’s title comes from a lyric in “Last the Rain”, a moving ballad about the ups and downs of a relationship. Co-written with Marinof, it sits alongside a clutch of other songs on the EP that Tams wrote with the award-winning production team Rob Wells and Shobha (aka The Fourth Floor), after their initial attempts at creating EDM and pop-focused material wasn’t having the desired effect. One day, nearing a breakdown, Tams told Wells of his doubts and they embarked on a new approach based solely on what Tams wanted to convey via his music.

“This entire EP was a breakthrough for me. It feels like it’s my first album in a lot of ways because it really feels like it’s 100% the music I always meant to create,” said Theo Tams. “Working with the production team of Rob Wells and Shobha (The Fourth Floor) and producers Ari Rhodes and Gautier Marinof was an incredible experience where I was encouraged to really dive into my vulnerability, turning those moments into the intimacy and strength you hear. The creative process behind Call The Doctor is something I will always cherish and attribute to becoming a better, more honest, songwriter.”

Although winning Canadian Idol and releasing his full-length debut album, Give It All Away, with Sony Music Canada soon after made Tams an instant celebrity, it has taken him to this point to fully express who his is as an artist. Much of it stems from growing up gay in a small town and reconciling that with his family’s strong religious beliefs. However, Tams doesn’t hold back throughout Call The Doctor, with the song “Weeds” being inspired by his partner who was once married with a daughter, and “Romeo & James” dealing with the pain of keeping your gay lover a secret.

While it’s true that Theo Tams earned a career break that most artists dream of, he has used the opportunity to fully develop his creative vision. Call The Doctor is the first result, and fans can expect to hear much more from Tams in the future.

Call The Doctor Track Listing:
1: Good for You
2: Last the Rain
3: Weeds
4: Move Slow (Away From You)
5: Romeo and James
6: Strangers
7: The Last Song

Liam Russell announces ‘No Contest’ EP

Liam Russell has been making music for half his life. After releasing on a major label, extensive touring, and songwriting behind the scenes, Liam is now returning to his roots to release an upcoming EP, No Contest, slated for release on October 5 via Hidden Pony Records/Slaight Music. Lead single “Half Chance” comes ahead of the album and is now available to hear and share. Liam says of the new track:

“Sometimes we get so consumed by our hurt in relationships that we close ourselves off from the one person we love and want to connect with most. This song is about that moment when all you really wanna do is plead with your partner to tell you how to fix things but neither of you can find the words to get through. ‘Half Chance’ happens to be the name of a real place in Alabama and was too perfect to pass up on. Not to mention the only real notable thing about Half Chance is that it has one of the oldest, still standing iron bridges in America. Yet another metaphor for connecting.”

No Contest is a a collection of simple, heartfelt songs about people and ideas that inspired Liam to break free of his own expectations. The self-produced EP was recorded live off the floor at a cottage in the Ontario winter wilderness with 5 of his best friends and musical collaborators. Their only obligation was to do what felt right in the moment, and the result is an honest batch of songs drawn from real-life events. No Contest reveals itself through stories of loss, reconnection to one’s spirit, and love in long term-relationships.

It’s Your Shot 2018 Winners

Congratulations to Moscow Apartment – winner of the 7th annual “It’s Your Shot” competition.

Congratulations ladies, we look forward to working with you!

Congratulations to the other 4 artists/groups, and thank you to everyone who entered this year’s contest. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing & keep at it, Canada has an incredible amount of talent and we’re so lucky and honoured that we get to hear it every year.


He’s biked across the country, headlined some of Canada’s most celebrated stages and now, two-time JUNO Award nominee and award-winning artist Jeremy Fisher is trading his late nights for early mornings with the release of his first children’s album – Jeremy Fisher Junior – Highway to Spell. Set for release on March 9, 2018, Highway to Spell is slated to become the next must-have collection of kid-friendly anthems.  

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